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Core Curriculum

A collection of comments from Core days 

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  • It was FRCS oriented which what the guys need

  • Good discussion topics. Nice to have viva practice sessions

  • All the lectures very very good and faculty very helpful. I think the mcq at the start is also a good idea.

  • Small group breakout sessions with clinical & VIVA practice was very beneficial

  • A definite positive extra was the video session after each dissection by the consultants.

  • Great mix of short lectures & small groups with case studies.

  • It was the high quality of the faculty that made it such a success

  • CC was really well organised, kept to time and the catering was great

  • Very good core - basic science so important and a large topic could do 2 of these a year!

  • Great mix of lectures and case based discussions

  • Very good faculty and interesting cases

  • The interactive group format was brilliant

  • Lots of focused discussion tables and an appropriate amount of short lectures to kick off a topic. There was an appropriate level set for each group also!


  •  Might be better to split groups by  year instead of mixed years

  • It was a good day but lecture over runs cut into the time for small group sessions

  • Getting into to Dublin for 8.30 is difficult when coming from Galway, Castlebar, Cork etc. Even 9am start time is better

  • It was very didactic, but that’s the nature of the cores with a small faculty

  • Suggestions for improvement: they should assemble a pelvic ex fix in the small group sessions, not necessarily us.

  • There was an over emphasis on didactic lectures with the practical/workshop part feeling rushed

  • Give three/four weeks notice of title of group session to allow better preparation